Loft222 🏘️
Loft222 🏘️
Loft222 🏘️
Loft222 🏘️
Loft222 🏘️
Loft222 🏘️
Loft222 🏘️
Loft222 🏘️
Loft222 🏘️
Loft222 🏘️
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Loft222 🏘️


Property Description

Welcome to Loft222 by 503DTLA! This massive loft is located in a turn-of-the-century warehouse in the Textile District of Downtown Los Angeles and features large columns, end-to-end windows, and plenty of natural light. You also get a view of the downtown skyline through the windows!
Before entering the space you'll notice that some of the walls in the hallway are painted. You are more than welcome to create non-explicit content in these bonus areas! There is also a small changing room inside the space at the end of the loft. There is a dedicated restroom outside of the space.
The surrounding area is remarkably safe. The building also features two manual, freight elevators which can take you from the first floor directly to the loft.
Our mission is to ensure that you can make the most of your time at the mansion! We sincerely look forward to hosting you!

Location Rules

Please note that some rules can be waived by purchasing rule waivers as an add-on.
Notify the Host before booking if you are planning an explicit shoot.
Arrive early to give yourself enough time to find parking and navigate to the studio. Your booking Includes Setup and Cleanup Time and your booking will end right at the time specified on your confirmation email. You can request a 5-minute grace period at the end of your booking if we do not have another booking immediately after yours finishes. You will be charged an overtime fee of 1.5x the hourly booking rate for any time spent in the studio after your booking has ended.
  • No Eating: Purchase the "Eat/Drink on the Loft" add-on if you would like to eat at the loft.
  • No Smoking: Purchase the "Smoke on the Loft" add-on if you would like to smoke at the loft.
  • No Drinking: Purchase the "Eat/Drink on the Loft" add-on if you would like to drink at the loft.
  • No Animals or Pets: Purchase the "Waive Pet Policy" add-on to bring a pet to the studio.
  • Number of Guests: You will be charged extra after your booking is completed if you bring more guests than you book for.
The host reserves the right to charge a fee after your booking if any of these rules are violated. Please ask the host if there are any rules that you would like waived, e.g. Removing the "No Eating" rule if you would like to cater food for your guests.


Waive the “No Alcohol” Rule

Waive the “No Food/Drinks” Rule

Waive the “No Smoking” Rule

Waive “No Pets” Rule

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